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Griya Permata Hijau Blok B No. 8 
Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia 
Phone: +62 31 896 8478 / +62 811 323 658 
Email: dannyeff@sby.dnet.net.id 
Tuesday, July 17th, 2018  
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85)  Jasson  |  Send an e-mail to Jasson  
Selamat atas website dobenya yang keren.Saya lihat pak Danny mau impor anakan dari Nitro,it's very good,semoga berikutnya mengimpor lagi anakan dari juara2 seperti gino gomez atau tahi reme jared.Semoga RCA tambah maju dan sukses selalu.
January 03rd, 2007 - 23:42   |  JakartaIP logged

86)  Erika  |  Visit website of Erika  |  Send an e-mail to Erika  
Dear Danny,

I just visited your homepage.
Congratulations! Nice dogs with many informations about them.
I wish you many succes and happyness with your dogs also in the New Year 2007.
Greetings from Hungary!
January 02nd, 2007 - 18:06   |  TahiIP logged

87)  Jelena  |  Visit website of Jelena  |  Send an e-mail to Jelena  
Dear Danny,
Just visited and enjoyed your home page to see your dobs. Congratulations for your breeding! I wish you a lot of successes with your dobermanns in future! Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2007!

Best regards,
Jelena & Gem'Givveeon
Desember 20th, 2006 - 02:01   |  LatviaIP logged

88)  nico  |  Send an e-mail to nico  
semoga dengan materi dan semangat baru RCA kennel semakin sukses.dan juga moga2 tahun depan RCA kennel semakin exist dan mencapai posisi dalam dobermann of the year.sukses selalu
Desember 13rd, 2006 - 21:30   |  surabayaIP logged

89)  Eva  |  Visit website of Eva  |  Send an e-mail to Eva  
Beautiful site and excellent dobies! :-)
We like your Idaho also very much, he is half brother to our Hazy Dream de Grande Vinko :-)
Whish you lot of success,
Desember 01st, 2006 - 23:06   |  Timisoara/RomaniaIP logged

90)  Lewis  |  Visit website of Lewis  |  Send an e-mail to Lewis  
Good luck to yours beautiful dobs

Best regards,
Desember 01st, 2006 - 03:41   |  IP logged

91)  Filip  |  Visit website of Filip  |  Send an e-mail to Filip  
Beutifull dobs in a great site.
Best wishes for the future...
November 20th, 2006 - 16:53   |  Kastoria-GreeceIP logged

92)  taffy T Indra  |  Send an e-mail to taffy T Indra  
Congratulation, you have a great website and a great dobermann too!!!, hope your kennel can contribute and participate in our dobermann club (KDI) very well and improving Indonesian dobermann.
November 14th, 2006 - 14:27   |  JakartaIP logged

93)  Michael  |  Send an e-mail to Michael  
Hello Danny ! I'd like to say hello from Poland. Your site is very nice and of course I'm waiting for more news and photos of your dogs. I wish you Good luck in whole your work.
November 04th, 2006 - 23:39   |  PolandIP logged

94)  Raj  |  Send an e-mail to Raj  
Greetings from Singapore. I always go to your shows and am impressed with your dogs and breeding. I am glad you emphasise on working and obedience. We consider that very important for the breed. Keep up the good work, wish you many success, see you in Jkt
October 26th, 2006 - 10:16   |  IP logged

95)  Nicoletta  |  Visit website of Nicoletta  |  Send an e-mail to Nicoletta  
Just leaving our pawprint to your site :). Good luck with your imports and especially with your breeding.
October 25th, 2006 - 12:42   |  IP logged

96)  DR.Ir.Budi Lationo P, M.Eng  |  Send an e-mail to DR.Ir.Budi Lationo P, M.Eng  
Hebat, Saya sering ke Sidoarjo, ngurus lumpur, wah bisa hilangkan kangen saya buat dobe saya di Bandung.
Good Luck Mr. Dany
October 23rd, 2006 - 09:33   |  Timika dan BandungIP logged

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