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Griya Permata Hijau Blok B No. 8 
Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia 
Phone: +62 31 896 8478 / +62 811 323 658 
Email: dannyeff@sby.dnet.net.id 
Thursday, July 19th, 2018  
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July 06th, 2008 - 11:18
Jogja Dow Show 2008

Di Jogja Dog Show (28-29 Juni)RCA ukirsejarah,dari 2 X Show,prestasi spektakuler diukir oleh Team RCA.Dari Juri Ms.Linda Steven.Queen von Frankenburg mendapatkan juara 1 Anakan B Betina,Best puppy betina,Best Futurity betina,dan RBOB lokal,sedangkan Ulfang Halit pasa mendapatkan juara 1 anakan C jantan,dan Ina.Ch.Eria Pro Conrad for RCA mendapatkan juara 1 kelas Champion jantan,BOS dan RBOB.Dari juri Mr.Ronnie Natividad (philipine),Queen von Frankenburg mendapatkan juara 1 anakan B Betina,Best puppy in Exhibition.Dan Ina.Ch.Eria Pro Conrad mendapatkan gelar Tertinggi,juara 1 kelas Champion Jantan,BOB dan Best in Exhibition . Dari Juri Mr.Alex Zee,Queen mendapatkan juara 1 anakan B Betina dan best puppy.Ulfang halit pasa mendapatkan juara 1 anakan C jantan dan Best puppy.Photo dapat dilihat di Galery


In Jogja Dog Show,held in Jogja,Central Java,on 28-29 June 2008,RCA Team has grabbed Spektaculer result,from 2 different show,under 2 different judges,Ms.Linda Steven,Queen von Frankenburg grabbed 1st place B class female puppy (6-9 months old),Best puppy,Best Futurity and RBOB,Ulfang Halit pasa grabbed 1st place C class male puppy (9-12 months old) and Ina.Ch.Eria Pro conrad for RCA grabbed 1st class Champion Class,BOS and RBOB from Ronnie Natividad (philipine) Queen von Frankenburg grabbed 1st B class female puppy,Best puppy in Exhibition,and Ina.Ch.Eria Pro Conrad for RCA grabbed the highest title,he got 1st  place in champion class,grabbed BOB and Grabbed Best In show.From Judge Mr.Alex Zee,Queen grabbed 1st position B class female puppy,Ulfang Halit Pasa grabbed 1st Class C Male puppy and Best puppy,Photos can be seen in Gallery

Photo Gallery

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