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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018  
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April 18th, 2007 - 12:18
Big Success on West Java Dobermann Specialist KDI 15 April 2007

Di Show ini RCA menurunkan 2 andalan baru,yaitu Teraline Idaho (imported from Russia) di kelas Remaja Jantan dan Nino RCA Halit Pasa (imported from Chezh Rep) di kelas Anakan B jantan.Kedua-duanya mendapatkan nilai tertinggi masing masing di kelasnya.

Dalam penjurian terakhir oleh Bp.Dr.Laurentius Suliadi,secara spektakuler,Nino mengalahkan rival-rivalnya di kelas yang lebih tinggi,dia mendapatkan Best puppy (mengalahkan juara 1 anakan A dan anakan C),meraih Best Futuriy (mengalahkan juara Remaja dan Madya),meraih Winner dog (mengalahkan kelas dewasa Jantan) dan meraih BOS (Best opposite Sex).Congratulation for the young male.

Photo2 show bisa dilihat di Photo Gallery


In this show RCA Kennel brought 2 new dogs,Teraline Idaho (imported from Russia) in youth male class and Nino RCA halit Pasa (imported from Chezh Republic) in B class male puppy.Both of them had been given the best in their class (V1)

on the last show that day (back to back),under Dr.Laurentius suliadi Judging,Nino spectacularly beats his rivals from higher ages and even champion class,he got Best puppy beats his rivals from A class and C class puppy winners,Got Best Futurity beats his rivals from Youth class,got Winner Dog beats his rivals from Open Class and got BOS beats champion Class.we are very happy with the result.Congratulation for the young male.

Photos of this show can be found in Photo Gallery

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